What I learnt from #100DaysOfCode ?

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If you want to know what is 100DaysOfCode Challenge and why you should try it, check this out.

I had begun the Challenge on June 27th & completed it on October 10th. I took a break due to exams and will be starting again Round 2 of the challenge tomorrow. I will be sharing my progress on Twitter.

My 100th Day Tweet !!

In this blog post I will be covering the following topics :

  • What all I learned?
  • What all I gained?
  • What will I be doing in Round 2 ?
  • Special Announcement

What all I learned ?

I started the challenge with basic HTML, CSS & intermediate Python knowledge. My portfolio a blank slate. During the challenge I learnt HTML , CSS & Javascript , built many projects alongside it. It didn't take me much time to grasp basics of Javascript so I could skip to the important stuff.

I struggled in the algorithmic part, I feel that struggle improved my problem-solving skills a ton. I love fetching APIs and playing around with data. I started learning node for server-side && Svelte & Sapper too.

The challenge helped me in making a habit to code consistently

What all I gained?

  • I created a mini-community on Twitter & Discord.
  • I made many new mentors.
  • I made many friends that I can ping anytime.
  • I understood the importance of being consistent
  • I understood burnouts are real and taking breaks is important

What will I be doing in Round 2 ?

I will :

  • focus on designing skills
  • work on Svelte related projects
  • more contribute to Open Source

Projects in mind :

  • Going through devchallenges.io
  • Working on Madad [discord bot] even more
  • Working on a Map project
  • Also posting more blog posts

Special Announcement

I started a How to learn web dev class on discord for beginners. We dive into trinity that makes up the web. You can join the class for free and whenever they want by joining the server. You will be building projects along with me and others and learning along the way. If interested, you should join the discord server. After joining go through #announcements channel' recent msgs to get better idea about the class. See you there!

A way for me to give back to the community

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Awesome Blogpost Ameen!🔥

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Glad you liked it :)