My #100DayOfCode Journey So Far

My #100DayOfCode Journey So Far

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A bit about me , Who am I ?

Hey , my name is Ameen, I am 15 years old and currently in high school. I started learning to code when I was 6 but never took it seriously until I was 11... That time I started learning Unity ( A Game Engine ) and C# but due to my PC's specs I couldn't continue on that path so instead of giving up I started learning Python,learnt PyGame with a few more libraries and built something basic with each of em .
After losing interest in python, I started my hunt again . I found Web Development after exploring. I soon started learning web development it just clicked with me . Didn't take me much time to master HTML but than school came in the way . 2 years later I again continued the web dev path with the #100DaysOfCode challenge and am having fun ever since.
I currently work with HTML,CSS,JavaScript and learning Svelte and built around 12-18 projects along side with it.That's enough about me let's get into the challenge.

What is #100DaysOfCode ??

#100DaysOfCode is challenge where you have to code 1 hour at minimum for 100 days straight.The only reason you can take a break is if you are sick, need to travel or just want to relax or take a break , just try not to take a break for more than 2 days at once . That's pretty much it plan to master something and code for 100 days straight and even tweet your progress on twitter :)

Official Site for the challenge. The dev community on twitter is very supportive and welcoming .

How I discovered the #100DaysOfCode Challenge?

I finally got some free time thanks to Summer Vacation. While wasting time and scrolling through some blogs posts on FreeCodeCamp I found #100DaysOfCode . Since I had nothing to do ,I decided to take up the challenge . Being the guy I'm procrastinated for a week then finally started the challenge on 27 June . I missed a few days due to travelling and hit 50 days milestone on 18 of August .

My first day :

The Resources I used :

I have used many resources, I will be sharing the one's which had the maximum impact on me as well proved to be very useful ...


Any praise won't be enough for the makers of FreeCodeCamp . If you want to learn web-development this should be your go-to site .It's amazing and has a great supportive community .When I wasn't learning I would be scrolling through their forums and answer/advice any question if I knew about that subject .. it definitely helped me to revise the concepts and stay on track. Their blog posts are amazing and really informative too .. So if you are a beginner and want to learn web development than this should be your go-to place.

One Month

I got 1 month subscription for free thanks to GitHub Student Pack .. Their JavaScript course is amazing if you need to revise concepts and learn things by doing some cool projects .I went through their responsive design , JavaScript , product management , startup and growth hacker courses .If you can afford it I would highly suggest checking em out.

Code Wars

If I am bored and want to play around with algorithms this is my goto place .. It's for all levels from beginner to expert and is just amazing and it's FREE

An amazing api list

I personally love APIs and this is the best resource so far ... search for an API .. go-to docs and rest will be history

Enough talk about resources will surely make another post on it and compile all of em into one

How has the challenge impacted me so far ?

I have learned to code HTML,CSS,JavaScript and currently learning svelte . I have built around 20 projects , met new people , learnt new things and made some really cool friends on twitter and made it habit to code at least for an hour a day so hopefully heading in the right direction.

What's my plan for remaining days ?

Just code and learn more , nothing decided as of now .. My main goal is to know a framework well and build some more projects with it .

You can follow my progress on twitter

This is my first ever blog post , looking forward to some constructive feedback .. thank you for reading have a great day ahead !!

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